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Tips on Course Preparation

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Tips on Course Preparation

Take the best notes from your training videos with these tips! First, spend time reviewing the video in preparation for the upcoming exams and assignments.

Once the lecture begins:

  • 1. Listen carefully to your course instructor and remember the methods, settings and tools he is using.
  • 2. Try taking legible notes using your best handwriting or perhaps typing notes in your own words.
  • 3. Notice how much time your instructor spends on one point. If something is important, it is likely that your course instructor will prepare your assignment and exams to test it, and you should take notes.
  • 4. If you already know how to do the task as your instructor does, you don’t need to write notes on it.
  • 5. Don’t feel pressured to take notes, especially if the instructor is using the methods he used in previous lessons.
  • 6. Take some time to watch the video more than once, as you review the lecture again, you may recall more points you need to remember.