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How to follow a course content

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How to follow a course content

A course content is your guide to a course. You will get access to it in the E-Learning Portal on the first day of education from your Academics Department.

This post includes some of the most common elements of a course content and can be used as a tool to understand how to read it and be prepared to excel in your course.

Following the course content

A course content can answer the following questions:

Where is my instructor’s contact information?

You can contact your instructor through the student helpdesk center in the E-Learning. Any helpdesk agent from the Academics Department can help to connect you with your instructor during their work hours. Instructors work hours are times when you can connect with your instructor to ask questions.

What will I learn in the course?

All of our courses have outlines have brief overview of the course content and often include the learning outcomes of the course, concepts and skills the course helps you to engage with. The course schedule is where you will find what happens and when.

How will I be graded?

The assignments, examinations and other methods of being graded for your work will be listed in the course syllabus. There may be many ways your instructor can evaluate your performance in the course.

There are also many different types of work that that can be graded, depending on the course and type of discipline it represents: e.g., online attendance, participation, assignments, tests and exams, preparation quiz, performances, contests, projects, instructors collaboration, you name it!

Pay particular attention to expectations if you are taking a course in a discipline that is new to you: Every course will have very different requirements and ways to assess you.

When are the due dates for your assignments?

Make sure you know when the due dates are. Some dates are strict, while some may be flexible. You can use all this information to plan your time.

Tip: Using a planner or calendar at the beginning to track all important deadlines will help you stay on track and lessen anxieties in trying to remember it all!

What are the required items and readings?

These may be items such as computer hardware requirements, softwares and plug-ins. Instructors have used several softwares and plug-ins in their courses. You will receive a list of all required softwares and plug-ins and computer required specifications in the instruction email about things you need.

What are the course policies and regulations?

Policies and regulations ensure the learning environment works well for everyone. These include:

  • • Portal Attendance requirements
  • Keep us informed on academic concessions: if you can’t complete your coursework due to extenuating circumstances
  • Academic Integrity: Explaining how you can maintain your credibility in the academic environment.

What about additional supports and resources?

We also have an additional set of resources and supports that are available to you.

Our support services include:

  • • Admissions Support
  • • Academics Support
  • • Finance & Payment Support
  • • Academic Advising
  • • Career Services
  • • Online learning strategies
  • • Time management and project planning
  • • Improving grades
  • • Communicating with instructors
  • • Study skills