The Digital Filmmaking course lays an emphasis on practical skill building on multi-leveled technology platforms augmented with practical sessions through a variety of teaching approaches. A strong understanding of the entertainment business creates a contextual framework from within which skill, technology and aesthetics are situated.

Course Price in USD: 50.00

Course Price in PKR 7,500.00

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One-Time Registration Fees: $ 20.00
Total duration of the course: 16 Months
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Behind the sets and studios, it’s business professionals who make this industry run. If you are interested in combining business savvy, creativity and a love of entertainment by learning how to develop the creative ideas needed to launch and promote brands and to make them successful, our 16-months online Digital Filmmaking Training program includes: 04 months Professional Digital Filmmaking Training Programe, 08 months Advance Professional Digital Filmmaking Training Programe and 04 months Advance Plus Professional Digital Filmmaking Training Programe is made for you.

The course covers all the major aspects of digital film/video making from pre to post production, including VFX after effects), Composition, Match Moving, Video Editing, Color Grading, Motion Tracking, Cinematography, Music and Audio production etc. The course prepares the participants who want to make carrier on highly paid position in media and entertainment industry.

Our online professional program uses an immersive learning project-based environmental process focused on digital-world practices and offers a well-rounded study of media production line principles with a practical focus on how that knowledge can be applied to the media and entertainment industry.

The courses are primarily for those who are seeking to build a career in media and entertainment (M & E) industry also who want to enhance their knowledge and/or aspire to take up careers in the technology and IT bsed industry should enrol for this program.

The course may also be taken by anyone who wishes to gain a more detailed knowledge and working professionals with roles in Film Making Industry, Branding, Advertising, Digital Media, Electronic Media, Animation Industry, Game Making (console, online and mobile), Architectural reality, Augmented reality, Virtual reality and e-Commerce and Social Media etc.

Digital media is content that is stored in digital formats and usually distributed online. The shift from traditional media has taken place in many industries, including industries that aren’t typically associated with digital media—such as health, government and education. Digital Media industries are unique in that they are the intersection of art, design, business and engineering.

Media & Entertainment (M&E) Industry is no more the subsidiary industry in the economy but has taken the leading seat to become the leader in the worldwide business sectors and started contributing substantially to the economy. With the promise to contribute & partner in the growth drive of this domain, Hi-Tech2050 offers professional digital filmmaking course in Media & Entertainment industry, this course is set to equip participants to gain knowledge about aspects like M&E ecosystem and technical functions – buying and emerging platforms. These courses are useful for the full and mid-career media & entertainment industry professionals and enthusiasts looking for an in-depth knowledge and a career path in the media sector.


After completion of the course, students will be able to:

After completion of Digital Film Making 4 Months Course students will be able to: Produce Cinematic Color Grading with scene requirements, Working on audio FX, Professional video transactions, Mastering Compositing.

After completion of Digital Film Making 8 Months Course students will be able to: Mastering the post production, Advance Editing and advance visual effects, Make Professional Advertisements, Sound techniques, Movies Tiles.

After completion of CGI Advance Plus: 4 Months Course students will be able to: Make Particles and Dynamic in both 3ds Max and Maya such as Making Explosions, tornados, Fire, Water, Cloth Simulating, Wind Simulation and Professional Film Visual Effects.

COURSE OUTLINE: Digital Film Making Course (4 Months)

Basics of After Effects
Introduction to After Effects
Working with shape layers
Basics of Animation text
Video Editing
Introduction to Premiere Pro
Editing Basics
Working with Stills and Transitions
Adding Titles and Exporting
Editing Techniques
Basics Transitions
Post Production
Color Grading in After Effects
Introduction to Photoshop
Photo Editing in basics
Color Grading in Photoshop
Understanding Filters in Photoshop
Green Screen
Tracking and stabilization
Motion Tracking
Element 3D
Camera Techniques
Audio Engineering
Adobe Audition Basics Tutorial
Adding Background Music
Noise Reduction Techniques (Editing, Cleaning & Repairing)
Pitch Shift And Time Stretching Audio
Podcast Editing Tutorial
Voice/Sound Enhance
Mastering Audio
Music Production
Reverb, Echo And Delay
Music Production
Reverb, Echo And Delay


Advance: Professional Digital Filmmaking Course (8 Months)

Advance Film Editing
Mastering the Timeline in Premiere Pro
Adding Special Effects
Mixing audio from speech, music and sound effects
Advance Transitions techniques
Creating a Music Video
Movies Title
Producing Actions Scene
Advance Time Freeze
Pro Visual Effects
Match Moving
Particle Visual Effects
Particle and Dynamics in Maya
Fume FX and Dynamics in 3ds Max
Wire Removal
Advance Element 3d
Live Action Scene
Futuristic Effects
Visual Effects for Film and TV Production
Transforming Techniques
Depth Composition
Weapon Effects
Advance Post Production
Advance Color Grading in Premiere Pro
Advance Color Grading in Photoshop
Advance Photo Editing in Photoshop
Cinematic Color Grading (After Effects)
Lighting Techniques
Sky Replacements Techniques
Working with Render Sequences


3D Dynamics and Visual Effects (4 Months)

Realistic Powerful Dynamics in 3ds Max
Realistic Fire
Smoke Effects
Wind Simulation
Clouds Simulation
fluid Simulation
Turbulence Effect
Particles and Dynamic VFX in Maya
Turbulence Effect
Particles Effects
Ocean Simulations