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Electronic media forms are, without a doubt, the wave of the future. As the demand for increasingly sophisticated entertainment and educational tools grows, so does the need for talented and skilled people in Digital and CGI Filmmaking. Whether remotely from home, or in person as part of a team, one thing is for certain: the field of Media & Entertainment is booming.

Hitech2050 course teaches you to create high-end Digital Filmmaking, Animation, Game Design, Visual Effects, Sound Design, Broadcast Media, and Broadcast Journalism professionals and all individuals seeking to enter the media industry. With this course you will learn media and entertainment industry skills and on completing the course, you will be a job-ready professional who could join a film studio, animation studio, graphic design company or a gaming studio.


After complications of course selected students have the option to complete an internship period 3 to 6 months in local or located abroad offices of Messenger2050 (a world leading Animation Studio and Software House). Internship certificate will be granted by Messenger2050 and course training completion certificate will be issued by HiTech2050 Institute of Media & Information Technology.


Selected students (who may not get chance to take to complete an internship period) may get chance to work as Freelancer with revenue generates opportunity until they get suitable job. Freelance candidates can earn working experience certificate after one year.

Internships usually take place at a local and international offices /studios (at Messenger2050, a leading animation studio and software house) and may be either full or part-time. A manager agrees to work closely with the student to provide fee=dback that allows him or her to improve certain skills.

CGI and Digital Filmmaking’s students should plan to report what they learned on their internship to their instructor in the form of a written report or possibly a presentation to the class.

Freelancers for an organization that could use assistance with CGI and Digital Filmmaking are another ideal way to gain experience and earn money. Students can offer skills in Media & Entertainment (M & E) fields such as Animation, Game Design, Visual Effects, Sound Design, Broadcast Media, and Broadcast Journalism in exchange for a professional reference. Experience such as creating and operating a blog or website is helpful as well.


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that people working under the general classification of Multimedia Artists and Animators earned a median annual salary of $73,970 in 2015 for full-time work. This salary represents the average for people with all levels of experience. The lowest 10 percent earned $46,930 while those at the 90th percentile earned $123,600.

Of course salary will depend on location, industry, years of experience and education level attained. According to the BLS, people working as animators earned approximately $30,000 per year more than those in general art and design occupations. Noted: These are old figures of data provided by US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports issued in 2015 and current market salaries in media & entertainment industry increased 10 % every year.