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The Modern Education Industry Cloud based System

The only multi-tenant cloud platform that delivers education industry to cross-industry, operational, and technology platform capabilities.


Hitech2050 + Messenger2050

We’ve invested in modern architecture on the cloud platform with the collaboration with the #1 cloud technology team: Messenger2050 Technologies®. We take advantage of the massive amounts of R&D that Messenger2050 has put into cloud platform development, services and security. Our cloud customers/our beloved students get the benefit of that relationship.
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Cloud Film Production House, Animation Studio and Game Development Zone

The All-in-One Cloud Working and
Training Productivity Platform

Facilities at Hitech2050 Cloud Film Production House and Game Development Zone

The Hitech2050’S Cloud Animation Studio and Game Development Zone facilities are designed to prepare you for a career in the entertainment industry, with equipment such as the cloud Film Production House, Animation Studio and Game Development to help you achieve your desired effect. Our hands-on practical training environment creates a culture that supports curiosity, investigation, and production.

Our cloud studio environments are well equipped to give you the skills you need to create the Animation & Visual Effects or Game career of your dreams.

Hitech2050 Cloud Workstations and Virtual Machines

HItec2050 Cloud Suite offers the high-performance cloud workstations/Servers to build robust, stable, secure and resilient applications on cloud computing service. Our virtual machines equipped with latest software, and new media technology, highly storage capacities, database and networking products.

Connect and Work in Entertainment, Media and IT Industry Globally

HItech2050 Cloud Suite services spans many availability zones within geographic regions around the world, providing global access and local support. You can bring your existing tools or swap out our tools with just a few clicks.

Hitech2050 Cloud Computer Lab (HCCL)

The Cloud Computer Lab (HCCL) at the Hitech2050 enables students to transform students’ own devices (e.g., laptop and desktop computer) into a powerful lab workstation/Server that equips with major VFX and Gaming Development software (Maya, Nuke, Mari, Unreal Engine, Unity, Substance, Zbrush, etc.).

With the HCCL there’s no need to purchase a high-powered computer, nor is there any need to buy tons of expensive software. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Cloud Voice-Over Room

Hitech2050 Cloud Suite has launched a world-first fully integrated cloud voice-over room platform that will change the face of voice-over recording practices both inside and outside of the gaming and entertainment industries using state-of-the-art cloud recording technology. Hitech2050 Cloud Voice-Over Room and Recording Studio is the revolutionary new platform are completely on cloud where work style is free and easy, it is set to rewrite the rules for how and where studio-quality voice-over work can be performed. Record voice-over tracks and sound effects on our 4-track Pro-Tools console in our Cloud Computer Lab (HCCL).

Game Changer Concept for Entertainment Industry and Media Training
Hitech2050 Cloud Suite Studio

Hitech2050 Cloud Suite solution that can be couriered to filmmakers and employees for simple setup in our cloud suite studio with the support our helpdesk support team. Ideally suited for virtual HD film production houses, animation studio, game development studio, and broadcast contributions where there are limited on-site technical resources available. The camera, lights and audio can be controlled remotely from our cloud suite using the Hitech2050 Cloud Suite Portal to ensure the highest quality, in 3D frames and broadcast content is received. The central operator/admin of filmmaker studio fully manages the running film production project and can choose both file recording as HD-SDI.

Virtual Production House

A totally immersive, interactive and augmented virtual environment viewed through Hitech2050 Cloud Suite Technology. Filmmaker can put their team in a virtual world and interact with it any way they can imagine. The result to work in higher quality environment with less latency, and a simplified workflow which opens a multitude of opportunities for Hitech2050 students.

Virtual Game Development Zone

Through Hitech2050 Cloud Suite you will get a chance to learn all stages of game development process with professional gaming experts and work on professional projects in real-time. From scratch, you will be involved with your team in a virtual world and you will find yourself lost in the flow of high quality gaming environment. By the end of this phase you will gain a practical, real-world skill that you can use right away to stand out at your job.

Vision Behind “Hitech2050 Cloud Suite” (The Media Management & Innovation System)

The world is changing, and it is doing so in leaps, not steps. What has been an innovation yesterday becomes a must-have today, especially when it comes to the media & entertainment and gaming industry that has to excite and surprise its end-customers every day. Hitech2050 inspires social change by empowering media makers to develop and introduce technological innovations for entertainment and technology industry and share diverse thought and talent through our technology and your training and be able to describe the evolution and your role in different media houses.

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Introducing Game Changer Course for Entertainment and IT Industry

• With the new 08 months course “Rendering & visualization for Filmmaking and CGI” course and six months practice based training you will get a chance to make “Short Film”. Once you have completed “Rendering & visualization for Filmmaking and CGI” course you are ready to start the process to making your own “Short Film” through the Hitech2050 Cloud Suite.

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• Hitech2050 is offering you new 36 months course “Professional Game Development & Programming Course”. The purpose of the course is to teach students about the overall process of game development and programming.

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Benefit of Hitech2050 Cloud Suite for Filmmakers and Game Developers

The biggest benefit of consolidating Hitech2050 Cloud Suite platform is to providing a single point of visibility over your projects. Now filmmaker and game developers can see what everybody else of team member is doing, and understand each project's status in great detail.

Hitech2050 training program to work as a team which enables filmmakers to pick up their desire employee/team member where another left off or required more. We will keep them all on the same page to provide constant help and supervision.

Digital Transformation Technologies in Media & Entertainment and IT Industry

Hitech2050 Cloud Suite Technology can provide innovative technological solutions to connect, host and stream a cutting-edge, fully interactive virtual or cloud based industry. These solutions have been broken down into four key pillars: Observe the working, Contribution, Production, and Distribution.

Single Suite Platform to Work with Industry Experts

Hitech2050 Cloud Suite platform is a resources and business oriented hub for entertainment industry corporations and for media makers, developers and professionals across the world. Hitech2050 provides access of cloud suite to the filmmakers, producer, directors, game developers, job-seekers, freelancers, and artists to work jointly as a team in single suite platform to exchange skills and provide services.

Opportunity for Hitech2050 Students

It will provide a diverse opportunity to our students to engage and work with community of media & entertainment industry, filmmakers and producers, services and resources providers.

Our students will have high quality and comprehensive practical based team work training program enables them to strengthen the skills, work with industry experts will possess the credits in up-coming projects or movies to upgrade Curriculum Vitae as well as get chance to build up knowledge where it is lacking.

The importance of this training program for Hitech2050 students to get chance to make own Short Film; should never be underestimated. And, Hitech2050 training can be thought of as the best insurance policy against all sorts of the inevitable changes and the unforeseeable needs that will arise in your career from time to time.

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Create Projects and Work as a Team

The producer, director, filmmaker or a game developer connected with job seekers or freelancers to provide guidance on the delivery of the script, Hitech2050 Cloud Suite allows the filmmakers to manage their team members’ projects, simply create a project, assign relevant employees, and use the time tracking functionality to gather all the information they need on the project’s progress. Our students can use their normal computers or laptops to get access into “Cloud Computer Lab” (HCCL) to access to use heavy virtual machines available in “Hitech2050 Cloud Suite”. Post-filming, the green screen footage can also upload and sent directly to the producer for final editing.

Observe the working process in Cloud

Hitech2050 Cloud Suite is a non-intrusive working solution and works any working hours, when employee, filmmakers or game developers decides to start time tracking, time tracking with screenshot feature, which helps managers track employee and performance remotely. These options will allow filmmakers & developers to get transparent information about what their employees and freelancers are really working on right now.

Filmmaker or Game Developers and employees can use a quick and easy way to discuss ideas and share files to create conferences call, private and group chats without any time limit.

Project Management System for Entertainment and IT Industry

Our Cloud Suite monitors the workload of any team and employees and allow them to assign task to a team members and can find out in real time what is happening within the team, employees and with the cloud suite activity, what tasks and projects are currently being worked on, and how long the actual workflow takes. Any project can have a dedicated virtual space where all of the files, discussions, and tasks pertaining to that project are stored and accessed by the project participants.

Hitech2050 Cloud Suite allows employees and freelancers to manually start a clock when they begin working on an assignment for filmmakers or game project. Time spent on each task within the project can be tracked, and tasks are integrated into the group calendar. The system will take computer screenshots randomly or at intervals assigned by the filmmakers, which can be reviewed online, as evidence that work is being performed.

Business Statistics Management System

Using Task Reports, Cloud Suite helps you get a clear picture of the time the team spends on each project through the reporting and statistics function, filmmaker can easily understand how much time an employee spends on a certain task or even a project. They can also see how many tasks are still in progress and how many are already completed. This means filmmaker can determine how much each project has cost.