CGI Filmmaking

Learn everything to make your own CGI 3D Animated Film. - Animation, Character Modeling, Zbrush, Hard Surface Modeling, Rigging, Visual Effects, Lighting, Materials & Textures and Much More!

Course Prices:
One Time Registration Fees $20
Foundation Level (5 Months) USD.200
Advance: CGI Film Making Course (8 Months) USD.400
Advance Plus: CGI Film Making Course (5 Months) USD.250
Professional Level: CGI Film Making Course (4 Months) USD.200

Total duration of the course: 22 Months

Course Monthly Fees: $50


Computer Generated Image (CGI) filmmaking professional training course available for a wide variety of specialties related to this field, including animation, and entertainment design and game development. This provides students with the opportunity to select programs closely aligned with their career goals.

This course introduces students to creation of still and moving images and visual effects using computer hardware and software, create 3D animation productions; from idea generation, visual communication and character design, through to the technical processes of modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, setting up cameras and rendering.

CGI filmmaking course will help CGI artists to create characters, environments, objects, special effects, and locations, both real and imagined. Although CGI encompasses many specialties in computer graphics, 2-D and 3-D animation, and special effects, the term is most often used to refer to 3-D animations created for television, video games, and film.

Our 22-months online CGI Filmmaking Training program includes: 05 months Foundation Level CGI Filmmaking Training Programe, 8 months Advance Professional CGI Filmmaking Training, 5 months Advance Plus Professional CGI Filmmaking Training and 04 months Advance Plus Professional CGI Filmmaking Training Programe is made for you.

Our online professional program uses an immersive learning project-based environmental process focused on digital-world practices and offers a well-rounded study of media production line principles with a practical focus on how that knowledge can be applied to the media and entertainment industry.



Today’s entertainment industry needs artists at every stage of production. Our CGI Filmmaking training program takes you through the entire production pipeline, from modeling to character animation, and special effects. From visual effects in movies to the graphics in video games, you’re ready to learn it all. Computer animation is one of the most in-demand career fields in the entertainment industry. Our program is designed to teach you how to build virtual characters and effects using industry-standard technology. Get ready to turn your dreams into reality.