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Advertisements/ TV Commercials
Events/ Functions / Exhibition
Medical Science
Interior Designing and Architecture
Product Designing
Game Development
Web Designing
Printing Industry
Movies/ Short Films/ Serials and many more

System of Education:

• Selection– through tests & Interviews.

• Full Care & Nurture during the Training – Small Batches to have individual attention.

• Regular Checks – with Tests & worksheets & Feedbacks.

• Teaching at ease but submissions with deadlines.

• Extra Open Sessions – for clearing off of all doubts in the student’s mind.

• Extra Care with Experts of the Animation Industry in the field of Media &Entertainment.

• Special Knowledge & Data stored & available to all students through a online library.

• Final Punch of each course is given by the Director himself.

• Understanding the knowledge & utilizing every minute by awarding & rewarding each student by way of Stipend & jobs whilst in Training for Full Course.

Why HiTech2050

Focused & Unique

Focused & Unique Real Projects with updated software systems for support.

Students Experience

The above will give experience to all our students to work with the client's requirement within a deadline.

Students Learning

Students will not only Learn But will also work for immediate projects.

Highly experienced

Highly experienced Artists & Faculty.

Career Course

100% chance to PLACEMENT in Career Course


Stipend* after 6 months of Training.


Experience whilst being trained.

Curriculum based

Curriculum based on production industry requirements only.


Trained more than 500+ students till date.

Limited batches

Limited batches to ensure proper & Direct Attention to each & every student as per their need.

Management Team

Management Team is of Experience, Skilled & Practical Professionals in action delivering the Course.

Financing Course

Last, but not the least, it turns out to be that each student is ALMOST Financing his own Course Himself.

Delivering Quality

Focus on Delivering Quality Education.