Grab your sword and fight the Horde

Why Hitech2050 :

• Focused & Unique Real Projects with updated software systems for support.
• Highly experienced Artists & Faculty.
• Students will not only Learn But will also work for immediate projects.
• The above will give experience to all our students to work with the client's requirement within a deadline.
• 100% chance to PLACEMENT in Career Course
• Stipend* after 6  months of Training.
• Limited batches to ensure proper & Direct Attention to each & every student as per their need.
• Experience whilst being trained.
• Curriculum based on production industry requirements only.
•• Focus on Delivering Quality Education.
• Trained more than 500+ students till date.
• Management Team is of Experience, Skilled & Practical Professionals in action delivering the Course.

• Last, but not the least, it turns out to be that each student is ALMOST Financing his own Course Himself.



1.Advertisements/ TV Commercials
2.Events/ Functions / Exhibition
3.Medical Science
5.Interior Designing and Architecture 
7.Product Designing
9.Game Development
10.Web Designing
11.Printing Industry
12.Movies/ Short Films/ Serials and many more



• Selection– through tests & Interviews.
• Full Care & Nurture during the Training – Small Batches to have individual attention.
• Regular Checks – with Tests & worksheets & Feedbacks.
• Teaching at ease but submissions with deadlines.
• Extra Open Sessions – for clearing off of all doubts in the student’s mind.
• Extra Care with Experts of the Animation Industry in the field of Media &Entertainment.
• Special Knowledge & Data stored & available to all students through a online library.
• Final Punch of each course is given by the Director himself.
• Understanding the knowledge & utilizing every minute by awarding & rewarding each  student by way of Stipend & jobs whilst in Training for Full Course.