Externship Program
for Filmmaking

CGI Filmmaking and Rendering & visualization for Filmmaking and CGI courses are providing the opportunity for Hitech2050 students to continue to develop skills learned the professional training for Film Making (3DFilm).


Hitech205 trains people like you to use creative technologies and techniques from Hitech2050 Cloud Suite to launching your own movie project. We believe in learning-by-doing and we have decades of experience helping our students change careers, jumpstart their passion projects, and gain the skills and confidence they need to take charge of their narrative.

One of the unique advantages of going to Hite2050 Cloud Suite, is that you get a head start on your career after completion CGI Filmmaking course with Rendering & visualization course, which includes six month usage of their state-of-the-art virtual equipment and facilities.

After the completion of this six months Professional 3D film-making training students will become a full-fledged filmmaker & make 3 D Films, video series independently for the Animation Studios, Film Production Houses and Media & Television Industry. They will have hands-on skills in various fields, demonstrating leadership in their respective domain.