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Messenger2050 Technologies

Technology engineering and Media innovation is in our blood and is infused in everything we do from client success to social responsibility.

Messenger2050 Consists business units: Cloud Communication, Software Development & Technology innovation, Server Hosting, Cyber Security, Media House and Advertising Agency, Film Production House, Animation Studio, Streaming OTT Service and Technology Training and Education, established in 2008 with visions providing its clients with a very high level of satisfaction and Technical competency through a one-stop source for the client’s entire Computing needs throughout entire business journey.

Messenger2050 Animation Studio

Messenger2050 is a most advanced digital visual creation company provides full production services from consultancy, animation, visual-effects, 2/3D conversion, directing, and filming, interactive programming to post-production for feature films, TV commercials, Game Development, Software Development, mobile applications, augmented reality, 3D Mapping light shows to art installations. Founded by internationally holding consortium” WBJ Group” and backed by ‘WBJ Media” (a world leading film production and media house), a media platform established by the leading global investment firms “Industrial and Trading Investment Limited” (Hong Kong) and “World Business Management Sdn Bhd” (Brunei Darussalam), for investments in the media and entertainment sector.

Messengr2050 is a leading full-service Animation Production company, VFX and Creative Studio specialising in creating stunning visuals for all screens. In just over a decade we have partnered with film makers and leading VFX and Animation facilities globally to provide VFX services. We are passionate about telling your story through breathtaking visuals that dazzle audiences the world over. It is no wonder then, the best in the business come to us for cooking up visual treats! With our 100 people strong team in our worldwide offices, we provide our global clients with a partner who understands the complexities and creative challenges of modern day VFX. ver the past decade, we have successfully collaborated with some of the greatest filmmakers of our time to help deliver their vision onscreen and ignite the storytelling process.

And did we mention security? We take great pains to ensure that your data gets the attention it deserves. We work with studios to ensure that not only are we certified but are constantly training our staff to follow best practices. We are alos bringing the awareness of Animation Education among the young generation,. We achieved great heights in field of Graphics, Animation and Cinematic. And now we offering Students Education Courses to make their Carrier bright. We are glad to say that we offer a vast number of courses to our students at very competitive Fees. We offer job opportunities to our students as we are honored to say that we hold our own production houses worldwide. We Provides a Platform to students where they can get deep academic knowledge of animation and experience of working on a real- time Project. Here Student Develop their skills with all the high-end facilities, Creative Freedom and admirable guidance which empower them technically and extends their vision and creative inspirations.