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HiTech2050 Animation Studio Is An Artist-Driven, Full-Service 3-D Animation And Visual Effects Studio. We Develop Content And Create State Of The Art Visual Imagery For Full-Length Feature Animated Films, High Quality Visual Effects For Live Action And Hybrid Films, Short-Form Media, And Special Venue Attractions. Messenger2050 One Of The Leading And Fastest Growing Animation Studios In South East Asia and middle east, Messenger2050 Animation Studio, Is Dedicated To Revive The Culture Of Story-Telling By Characterizing Animation In The World Of Fantasy. At Present, The Studio Is Busy With Back-To-Back Feature Film Projects, While Jvs For International Cg Feature Films Are Also Under Active Consideration. .

VFX and Composition

Messenger2050 has consistently remained one of the leading visual effects and animation studios for Film, Television and Live Events since its creation. HiTech2050 Animation Studio boasts latest facility, featuring the latest software and hardware, multiple 3D & compositing workstations, an online HD edit suite. Employing a core collaborative team of loyal senior artists, animators, and technical directors, Messenger2050 is a refreshing haven in which to create innovative film and television visual effects, along with graphics and animation – no matter the size and scope of a project.


Since 2005, we’ve been providing the tools, the technologies and the services that our clients need to be successful in the highly competitive video production and streaming business. We will help plan your project, present you with a working script, arrange and carry out your interviews, film, post-produce and uplink your video.

3D Architectural

At Messenger2050 3d animation studio we are pushing the boundaries of current 3D architectural rendering & animation ideas. Our 3D Studio rendering work of 3d Architecture visualisation since inception, we are focusing on delivering realistic,

Game Development Services

Our 360-degree game development solutions involve the design, development and deployment of your game from scratch. If you want to create a 3D game, VR integrated mobile or web game, social games, or any other online games, then, HiTech2050 can offer you a cost-effective game development service with industry-wide best quality and turnaround time. We have a special team of game developers and designers who have extensive experience in providing a wide range of game consoles, PC, web, and mobile game development solutions.

With in-depth experience in the game physics, rendering, AI, scripting, character development environment setup, character interaction, game mechanics, sound integration, pre- and post-production, etc., HiTech2050 has become one of the leading providers of game development services. Our team has worked across all the major game development frameworks.

Software Development

We have proven capabilities required for service projects, in the areas of technical competency, project management and most importantly the customer/information problem understanding.

One of our key strengths is our core expertise in project management - performing entire development of projects for clients to help them meet their business goals. In order to ensure timely and flawless implementation, we work in partnership with our clients to create a project team that includes software developers, project managers, technical managers, and business analysts.